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Doc or as his friends call him, Pop's,  is the former host of the weekly radio show, Outlaws 4 Christ Radio. He was also the host of the children's cable show, "Body-Slam On Drugs," a program that was geared toward educating children about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. The show was produced in association with a North Jersey Police Department and aired for over three years. This all came about when a member of that local Police Department saw Dalton co-hosting a weekly Pro-Wrestling TV show, "Wrestling Tracks U.S.A." They contacted him about their idea and they all came to an agreement and the show was born. In addition to that, he also hosted the podcast, The Coffee and Prayer Series.

To know Doc Dalton, it is important to understand that all the above existed and still exists while his life has been overcome with major depression disorder and Anxiety. Doc has lived with this for over 40 years.  He has walked away from two cable shows and a radio show because of it. Mentally, it became to much for him to handle and one day he just said, I can't do this anymore and he literally walked away meaning, he got up and walked out the door while the shows were in production, and never looked back.

Being hospitalized for this on a number of occasions actually became his turning point, so to speak. This all happened when a doctor suggested to him to try his hand at poetry. Honestly states Dalton, I thought the doctor was crazier than I was, but I couldn't leave and at that point I thought, why not? That is when it all changed. He started writing and he couldn't stop. He wrote about things that shocked him because many of his new thoughts were ones he never had before.

He started writing a lot of what he calls God Poetry and was amazed at his feelings and even more amazed because whenever he wrote, it was as if his mind was able to block everything else out and that gave him moments of peace from a world that was truly hurting him. Dalton is positive in saying that he truly believes, poetry saved him or at least his mind..

Americana Roots artists Ray Wylie Hubbard and Darrel Scott, unknowingly help as well. They write some crazy stuff that helped Doc keep his head together at 2 a.m. when he was walking what he calls, the floors of hell. Another is Irish poet, Pat Ingoldsby who writes great words. But out of everyone, the kindest person that inspired him and still does till this day even though he is no longer here, is and was his dad. He was a sweet soul, an angel who walked the planet and Doc feels lucky to have had him, in his life.

Doc says, "I just can't seem to write about him, and I think the reason for that is, he was just a gentle, kind spirit that I just can't seem to put down on paper. Want to know more about him, come speak to me, and you will quickly understand by the tears in my eyes exactly what I mean. He is gone 28 years and I still talk to him every day along with mom, another sweet angel who is gone 26 years. Two sweet souls who took me in when they didn't have to says Dalton. I an a adopted and they were old enough to have been my grandparents and they became everything to me. States Dalton, if I could be just half the parent to my daughter and now my granddaughter as those two people were to me, it would be a perfect ending to a wonderful story. Let me say this, if those two sweet angels aren't sitting in heaven, then my ass doesn't want to go."

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When asked about his poetry and what type of poet does he considers himself to be, the answer is always the same. In no way do I considers myself a great poet, WHY? Because the bottom-line is, "I am just not. In no way do I even consider myself a good poet. WHY? Because the bottom-line again is, I am just not." All that I am states Dalton, is a man who stumbles through his words, so he can make it through his days. If there was no poetry, there would be no Doc Dalton. But thank God for the friends in my head because we have some great conversations followed by some dysfunctional yet creative writing moments that are always followed by a few laughs. As strange as this might sound, in some magical way, we all keep our inner selves together when it seems like all the magic and laughter somehow becomes lost, LOL. It's frightening, yet in an offbeat way, nice, real nice.

In January 2022, Doc was diagnosed with Lambert - Eaton Myasthenia Syndrome also known as Lems.  Lems has been called the cousin to Myasthenia Gravies and Muscular Dystrophy. This is an extremely rare neuromuscular disease that can have a profound effect on a person's mobility and quality of life. LEMS typically causes severe, debilitating, and progressive weakness in the upper legs and hips, making it difficult for a person to walk or even stand. LEMS can also weaken the muscles of the upper arms and shoulders, making self-care and independence difficult. This is so rare that at this time it is estimated that only 400 to 500 people are known to have this autoimmune disease in the United States.

Because of this Doc has slowed down, but he has not stopped.

So at this time the poetry will continue states Doc, this keeps me
busy and calms the voices in my head down a bit. LOL  Along with this will be the start of a series of short stories, with the first three, "Drunks and Fools - Just Ask Him and What a Beautiful Ride I Almost Missed" and these are already completed. In addition there will be new lyric videos added on this website and our youtube channel as well.

His last goal is to take some of these stories along with some of his poetry and create  what he calls a short book which would not be any longer than 50 pages. The name of that book will be called, Old Dog's of the Whiskey Pie Trails and will come under the publishing title, The Coffee and Prayer Series.

So there are goals and hopes and something to look forward to and all he asks is that you take a moment from time to time and stop back and check for up-dates.

This is the Poet Doc Dalton wishing that each and everyday that comes your way is better than the day before.

Blessings & Peace to You All.