© July 20, 2022 The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Don't know what to do anymore
So much has changed both good and bad
The worlds gone mad, no longer can I keep score
At times so painful and so incredibly sad

The road of life is long and uncertain
With twists and turns, it's tough to hold on
Yet there are glimpses of Gods beauty for certain
With glorious surprises that we will come upon

No matter how bad the times, we must walk in Faith
For it's a journey of love, one that brings you to your best
A path of hope that we should all embrace
A simple walk with Jesus, that will leave you blessed

No matter how dark the times, he is always with us
No matter how bad the storm, he is always there to keep us safe
No matter how long the search may be, he is always right beside us
With love, hope and faith he has for us all, a Heavenly place

So, when things go astray, and life seems so wrong
Sit back, close your eyes, and Pray
When troubles come your way understand, you must be strong
It is then you need to fold your hands and with good intention, Pray

Because Praying is our way to talk with Jesus
To let him know what is on our minds and what is in our hearts
Imagine talking to the one who we love, have faith in and trust
Sounds like Praying is a good thing and this, might be a good time to start

©  July 25 2022  Written by:  The Depressed Poet Doc Dalton

Like moments in time that just slip a way
Like yesterday's tomorrows that never seem to find their way
Like a rising sun that never seems arrive
Stuck in the sadness of today thinking, this might be the time to cry

Sorry that I can't seem to get my thoughts out clearly
Sorry that I am not the man I always hoped I'd be
Sorry because my thoughts of confusion make me so dam weary
Sorry that in my mind I was blinded by what I could not see

It's a time when all should really be OK
Surrounded by smiles and laughter with each passing day
But those times, just don't seem the same much anymore
Life has changed and the time has come, to journey through a different door

With the quiet so loud, it's plays within my head
But not a sound is heard as a lay quietly alone here in my bed
With no one knocking on my door or calling on my phone
There's nothing left to do except lie right here, and cry all alone

Times for me are much different now, with not even a single friend
Is this the start of a new beginning or the crashing down to a dismal end
The journey was a long one never knowing where it might lead
A path to know where and one I could never see

So, I must make my finale days be one's that fill my soul
With a smile on my face, love in my heart and blessings that are un-told
For where it might end is a place that I cannot choose
But dear Lord, let me be at peace and my mind not confused

With the silence so loud that is playing within my head
But not a sound is heard, as a lay here in my bed
With no one knocking on my door or calling on my phone
There's nothing left to do except lie right here and, cry all alone