© Oct 13, 2021 - The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Give love to those that live without it
Bring friendship to those who are lonely
Give hope to those who are hopeless
Bring Peace to the hearts of those who are weary

Show Faith to those who are in search of it
Give honesty for those who have been lied to
Share your wisdom with those who have suffered from life's lessons
Show Understanding to those who are in doubt

Find a path for those who are lost and cannot find their way
Bring light for those depressed and live-in the shadows of darkness
Give strength to those who struggle and have weakened
Bring a smile to those faces who wear their sadness

Explain to those who are truly in search of answers
Listen to those who need to have their stories told
Pray for those who need your Prayers the most
Together lets Pray to the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost

© January 23, 2022, Written By, The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Broken down and tired, carrying my pain and sorrow from a life that I acquired
Caught between a rock, hell and nowhere, trying to rest in a place I desire
Prayin while looking for answers, to who and what it seems I've haven't a clue
In search of those I once loved who are now gone, scattered, and are just a few

The journey has been a long one that seem to have no end
A path that was so very lonely, with countless twist and turns, with not one friend
Pleading for the Lord to be by my side and help guide me, by the stars up above
While I look to the Heavens and beg for his mercy and even more, for his love

It is said that you will never be given more than you can handle
But this journey has left me tattered and torn, with my soul in shambles
But now I see a light off in the distance, that makes my spirit a bit less weary
For at this moment, I take comfort in knowing my journey is almost through

It's as if I could feel his presence, from where I now stand
While feeling the love of this place, that we all call home
It's a peace, calm and beauty that now holds me so very close
Like a child being held in the arms of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost

For at last I am reaching out over the fields of Jordan
I feel the winds of Heaven touch my skin as it rolls on by
I hear a choir of the Lord's angels singing a beautiful hymn
For I am almost home and these tears are of happiness, that I cry