(c) 2018 - Written by: The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Did you ever take the time to see?
All the wonderful things that life can truly be
Like the colors of the leaves during the fall
That's the beauty of it all

Like stars that shine throughout the night
Like diamonds in the sky sparkling so bright
To watch a shooting star as it falls
That's the beauty of it all

Standing on the edge of a giant cliff
While witnessing for miles, Gods beautiful gifts
Standing so high and feeling so tall
That's the beauty of it all

Walking along the oceans shores
Listening to the waves crashing with such a mighty roar
It's a feeling like none you've ever had before
That's the beauty of it all

Taking time out during your busy day
To share your love with family in countless ways
And make it known, that you love them all
That's the beauty of it all

Taking a moment, to say a simple Prayer
Thanking the Lord because you know that he cares
For keeping you safe and not letting you fall
That's the beauty of it all

So now is the time to sit and wonder
To understand what life has to offer
And if you have really learned from it at all
Then my friend, you have truly found that,


September 6, 2019 Written By, The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

As I walk alone in a world of crowded memories
I close my eyes and wonder why all turned out this way
From a world of laughter, to a world of tears and misery
That has given me nothing to care about and even less to say

It's as if all the flowers in my perfect garden have died
The stars that shined so brightly have now been replaced by darken skies
Where there was once so much love that has now been tossed aside
Where does one go, what does one do, when their world just said goodbye

Like the leaves of autumn whose time has come to gently fall to the ground
As the songs of the fall leave us and is replaced by the cool winters breeze
And it's fearful to me  to be walking a new journey where nothing is known
To walk this dark  lonesome path, only to find sadness as far as one's eyes can see

Can anyone help me, please isn't someone there?
Lord, can't you walk by my side as I beg you through Prayer
I never ask for much and I know that you can feel my pain
My mind is in so much torment, as if I may go insane

If there were just some special words or a gesture that I could do
Is it much too late for that, or is there hope, that might be a bit to soon?
I guess I will just keep looking back to a world, I'm  not welcome to
Another night of sadness that lies,  UNDER MY BROKEN MOON