(c) January 22, 2021 - Written by, The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Been hiding out, lost, and confused for some time now.
Not knowing which way to turn, or what to even say.
Hurt by life's bumps and bruises, struggling more every day.
Hanging on by the tips of my fingers, so I won't slip and fade away

Sadly, I been stumbling while searching for a clue.
Screaming like hell to the Heavens above, in search of you
Looking for a sign while taking life's shots on the chin
What have I done that was so dam wrong, how bad was my sin

The road, has a been long one, and my journeys been dark
One that I felt would betray me, and tear me apart
This same journey I never dreamed, I would be taken
I beg of you Lord, please don't let me be forsaken

Oh Lord where ya been.
I've been crying out in search of you once again
Standing here worried and scared, waiting just for you
Lord, I beg of you one more time, please pull me through

Sometimes God takes us on a journey to bring us where he wants us to be
One that is long, confusing and at times blinding, to where we cannot see
While the journey maybe long, the travel is worth it, at least it was to this old fool
Now I know you've been with me all along, even when life seemed so cruel

Oh Lord now I know where ya been.

(c) May 2021 Written By, The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

As I walk the floors of loneliness
I hear the constant screams inside my head
It is those who scream the loudest
That have no words, that can be said

As I stumble alone through the streets at night
Holding tightly to all my fears
Its the feeling that there's no end in sight
As there's no end, to my countless tears

I cry alone in my darkest hours, while hiding deep inside my bed
Confused, tattered and torn, from all the craziness inside my head
As I shake like a frightened child, scared of what is next to be
For its those voices in my mind, are whose faces I'm scared to see

As I look back to all my yesterdays
When the laughter, never seemed to end
But for now, its just sadness and tears
And a road, that just won't seem to bend

Another night is now a pond me, as the darkness settles in
As I wonder what did I do that was so dam wrong, and all the could have been
Will the voices return once again, and this time will they hear my pleas
For its those voices in my mind, are whose faces, I'm scared to see

For its those voices in my mind dear Lord, please let them hear my pleas