Where a Good Cup of Coffee and Some Quiet Prayers Can Change the World

What a Beautiful Ride I Could Have Missed
Written by The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton
© May 2nd, 2023 - All Rights Reserved.


There comes a time when someone can get so confused that they haven't the foggiest idea what is and has taken place right in front of their eyes. Overwhelming confusion and uncontrollable reactions to things that seem to have taken us right out of our comfort level like the life we were supposed to have.

Different thought patters, reactions to foolish actions that not only others might have directed our way but countless ones we may have brought straight to our own front door without ever realizing how that had even taken place.

A pain that hurts at times so deeply within our own being at such a high level, it's as if one day we woke from a very long sleep and questioned ourselves in very frightful way by saying, where am and even more important how in the hell did, I get here.

Despite all that life, both yours and mine is filled with beauty, joy, breath taking snap shots of all our yesterdays, todays, and all our tomorrows. Those same things that God has given us for free and what do we do, we scattered them in a shameful act of disgust in every direction. A never forgiving act of disrespect to our creator who not only loves us so but wants us to grow not only with him but also learn and respect nature and all that surrounds it.

We repay all of this in such a shameful way by filling our oceans with chemicals, our roadsides with garbage, and our streets with blood our airwaves with lies, our minds with confusion. There is not any good news to hear of any longer, only pain and despair. There is no longer truth, just words of lies told by the ever-growing modern-day outlaws of liars who seem to be in a competition for who could tell the biggest lie of them all. It's as if there will be an award waiting for them at the end of that dishonest race. Recently there was such an award, and it took place at the white house correspondent's dinner where a writer won an award for his writings on our president and what was supposed to be his true catholic values. That is a lie to start off with. The same president who supports abortion, open boarders where countless people die, and women and children are trafficked in countless different ways. This alone makes that award not worthy of anything except to be thrown straight into the garbage. At this dinner they mentioned the writer by name, "I Won't" and what a wonderful piece of work they have done concerning this story, and again, another lie. Then the writer gets up and is all smiles excepting the award as if it a grand masterpiece of journalism has been written, again another lie. If that is crazy enough the half wit audience stands up while applauding loudly as if something miraculous just took place directly in front of their very own eyes. Once again, another lie. All these lies have been exploited at such a high degree that even the liars themselves don't know where the lies begin and where they just might end. They, the audience get so overwhelming confused that they look at one another smiling, laughing, applauding and they don't have a clue why they are doing this. They act as if they are so much better than everyone else while all the time being a major part of the problem themselves.

I still shake my head at an award that is supposed to be for his upstanding Catholic faith, yet he and his army of selfish nimrods hurt and kill so many people that he is supposed to be protecting, helping, and assisting. If your truly such a good Catholic than you would truly know that those you are hurting are your brothers and sisters or better put, children of God.

And if he, you, or anyone believes even slightly that there is a God, how do you plan on explaining this to him when your time has come to leave this planet. Is the greed for power so extremely important to you, that you would give up a chance of eternity for some type of temporary power now. These steps alone do not make you a good Catholic or Christian or whatever. What it makes you is a true child of the devil, a fool and a person who has let their own personal greed take them away from the very place they need to be the most. Shame on you, shame on all of you that your TRUE LEGACY is, that you were no more than a two-bit piece of garbage that destroyed lives, and, in the end, you got exactly what you all deserved. Buckle up my sweet buttercups and dress lightly because I heard the heat index is a real bitch. What a legacy to leave your children, grandchildren and loved ones. And to think, when you are gone sweating your ass off at that hot spot known as the devil's playground, they will all be here, ashamed and suffering with no place to hide from the actions of their so-called, selfish loved ones.

On the other hand, there are those who deep down inside understand the truth, no what to expect. We know that there will come a time when our time ends here on this planet and while understanding that we should also have some common sense and take part in the enjoyment and the beauty that the Lord has provided for us and not only enjoy it but be grateful for it and tell him just that in countless ways including prayer.

Personally, I look at things sometimes in a much different way. Example, let's say there were a large group of people who you knew and these people main objective was lie, cheat, and hurt others. If these same people were not sorry for what they had done, would you want them to come into your personal space or your domain so to speak to associate with others. If they were not truly sorry for their misdeeds, I think you might not want that. If these same people destroyed your land in countless different shameful acts of just not caring, would you want these same people coming into your personal space and again domain to possibly do the same there. My gut tells me know if they are not truly sorry for what they have done.

Maybe I am wrong, but I believe as much as my God is a loving and caring God. He is also one who believes in accountability, and you must pay for the sins YOU created and brought on to others.

Because of this I have decided to walk in a bit of a different direction and even though I know that the liars and cheats, and those who want to cause harm are out there, I personally do not need to take part in all that. Yes, I understand that I cannot block it out totally, but I can do things that make my life in some way, better.

So today I start what I call my gratitude and appreciation tour. It's where I step out and enjoy all the things both big and small that the Lord has brought my way. I will enjoy them daily, and I will also thank him daily. What might I start enjoying every day?

How about the sun and its brightness that comes my way and warms me with a touch that feels so good. The passing of the breeze that in its own gentle way cools me and lets me know that even something as simple as this can be enjoyable. We can't forget the beautiful sounds of the birds singing their favorite tunes, those tunes that bring a smile to our face and comfort to our hearts. What about the flight of those birds flying tree to tree with no flight being the same.

How can we not appreciate when the treetops sway in motion as if they were dancing in the most perfect ways to a point that it almost hypnotizes us into a peaceful state of relaxation.  One of my favorites is the rain not when it falls to the ground, but the sound it makes when it bounces off our windowpane. Such a mesmerizing and relaxing sound of pure contentment. Then there is the magic of the stars at night where the show of the universe is on full display. Not only showing you all that there is, but making you wonder just how much more can there be. I never ending show of possibilities that there is a good chance your mind can't even rap its own thoughts around.

I could choose to stay in that other part of the world where lies and deceit are wanted and needed at such a high level, or I could choose to stay in the world of beauty and contentment and enjoy all the things the good Lord has offered me. Because when all is said and done, our outcomes are all the same, we are leaving this place we now call home, but the true question is, where we all be going. I want to take the steps to try and help myself get to the place that I truly want to go to. Why wouldn't' I.

So, I choose kindness over lies. I choose beauty over hate. I choose peace over drama. I choose right over wrong, and I choose being a child of God over being a child of the devil. 

To think, I could have made all the wrong chooses if I just didn't take a moment to step back and look at everything. Understand everything and appreciate everything. Yes, I could have made the wrong chooses but I didn't which leaves me the opportunity to happily say, I am glad for my chooses because if it wasn't for those chooses, I would not have the chance to say,