Where a Good Cup of Coffee and Some Quiet Prayers Can Change the World

Drunks and Fools
Written by The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton
© April 20th 2023 - All Rights Reserved.


It has never been said that life would be easy. It has never been said that every path or journey we would take, would bring us directly to the life of contentment or happiness. It was also never said that every path would be a straight one where we would never hit a bump in the road or a turn that might leave us thinking, what in the world is happening to me.
Sometimes the walk of faith is just that, one we must take in faith alone and not look back on our past steps so to speak. Those same steps that would leave us only trusting in the Lord 100% and leaving our journey within his hands and his hands alone.

There is an old saying that God Protects Drunks and Fools. I can say with complete honesty that I have never been much of a drinker, and I can also say with complete honesty that I have been a dam fool through-out my life. Yes, it is with-out a doubt that the good Lord has protected me and still does till this day and to say thank you for this protection, just doesn't' seem like enough. Appreciation and gratitude should always be at the forefront but sadly at times it's just not.

Please believe me when I say, I do appreciate everything and I mean that from the bottom of my heart but in saying that we must remember, we are human and we live in the now and the present and when something affects us personally, everything and everyone else is thrown out of the so-called window of life because at that precise moment in time the only thing we can think about is us.

Thinking to me is overrated to start off with. We spend a lifetime thinking about things that more than likely we will never need to remember until that one day comes along where we really need to think about a specific thing and we just can't, why? Because we have now acquired so much clutter that is floating around in our brain that it is like sifting around in your jammed packed garage that you have stored stuff in for the last 40 years and today is that day, you need to find that document that was created in 1978. IT JUST AIN'T HAPPENING AND YES, I USED THE WORD, AIN'T.

Thinking and placing things in the correct content can at times be easily understood if you use common sense, honesty, and wisdom. The way you get that honesty and wisdom is through years of understanding and what you need to understand is that you, like I have been a fool for a long time. The wisdom part comes to play when you realize the mistakes you have made along the way and now be accountable for them and today start walking a much better path. Do not only be accountable for those mistakes but to start placing everything in perspective or in this case, in order. To understand that we all go through some trials and tribulations in life and to also understand that we also cause a lot of our own craziness on ourselves. It is extremely important with this newfound wisdom to understand that no matter what we have gone though, weather it just happened on its own or we fell victim to our own foolishness, the one thing you can count on is that the Lord has never left your side. There is a true appreciation in knowing that he has always been there while having a sad understanding that others have not  and have turned their backs and walked away, Yes, those same ones that were supposedly your friends. Question, when does your newfound way of thinking take you to such a place, that you now smile and say to yourself, I understand more than I did yesterday, and it is time for me to start changing today, so my tomorrows can even be better?

Maybe those bumps in the road, and those twists and turns that took you to places that you never expected to go to or wanted to go to were put there purposely by the Lord, so it would bring you to the place that you are at today because remember, the Lord never left your side.

Let me leave you with this thought. Earlier I mentioned about being in the now and the present. I spoke about being in some type of pain where nothing else mattered except what you were going though at that moment in time. Appreciation and gratitude for those important things that should be important to you in your life have now taken a step to the side because right now you are suffering with a headache, a shoulder ache, back ache, walking problems or whatever else we might be going though at that moment. Now put those feelings side to side when at that moment Jesus was being crucified, tortured, mock, spit on and nailed to a cross and died. Tell me, whose day do you think was more horrible yours or his and remember he did that for you, for me and for all of us. Another question, would you do that for anyone, make sure to really ask yourself that question. Now being a man of greater wisdom and understanding, maybe you nor I should complain so much about my aches and pains, because maybe if it wasn't' for Jesus going through what he did, you nor I wouldn't' be here right now having the opportunity to complain about those things.

He died for us and rose 3 days later from the dead and has never left our side since. When you start placing all that in perspective and truly thinking and understanding it all clearly followed by having that so-called, WOW moment of understanding that is the precise time when you should stop doing all the complaining and start doing more appreciation. That is the moment you should say thank you again and again, each and every day just for a few moments to let the Lord know that you really do appreciate what he has done and what he continues to do. It doesn't' take much, just a simple act of gratitude from the heart.

In closing let me say if you personally have done this, then it is my time to say to you, congratulations because you have now stepped out from being either a drunk or a fool and have entered the world of being an adult who has gained compassion, understanding, wisdom and a whole lot more. That alone has led you into a new mind set of appreciation and gratitude. I am not saying life will be 100% perfect, what I am saying is, life can be a lot more tolerable if you have some understanding and wisdom.

I wish you love, a great day and may everyday here after, be better than the one before.

The Depressed Poet, Doc