I am Just a Guy Who Wanted and Needed Life, Business and Faith To Be Simple. I Wanted The Business Side of Things To Be Very Inexpensive So Everyone Could Take Part and Have Success. I Wanted it Not To Be Time Consuming Because People Already Have Very Little Time. I Wanted It To Be So Simple That Anyone and I Mean Anyone Could Do It. And Last, It Wanted It To Be Profitable So Everyone Could Gain the Success They Wanted and Deserved. Bottom-Line, If This Wasn't Simple, I Wouldn't Be Doing It, WHY? Because I Just Couldn't, and That, I Promise You.

The Only Way I Could Make This Easier To Understand is By Saying This. For Just This Moment, Forget About Company and Their Products and Focus Only On Income,YOUR INCOME. If Everyone Went Out and Found Other's Who Would Invest $50.00 One Time Just Like You Did, In this Rock Solid, Debt Free, Company and All You and Everyone Did Was Just That, You Would All Gain Success and Be Able To Sit Back and Collect Your Commissions Week After Week, Month after Month and Year After Year. The Only Thing You Would Need To Do is Check Out Your Back Office From Time To Time To Make Sure All Was OK and If You Wanted, Go Out and Repeat The Process, WHY? Because It Will Only Help Your Business Grow Even More.

For Some, This Will Be The OPPORTUNITY For Them To Spend Quality Time With Their Love One's Because They Will Be Able To Have More Free Time To Do So. If You Want True Honesty From Me, I Plan On Enjoying Every Moment With My Granddaughter That I Can Followed By Sitting In My Favorite Chair Scratching My Fat Ass Till I Fall Off To Sleep.. Can't Be More Honest Than That, Can I.

So Now You Make The Choice, Because No Where Is It Written, That You Must Work Hard. So If Not, Why Would You.

PLEASE NOTE: If You Like This, Understand That I Have a Second Company That I am Affiliated That Works The Exact Same Way. Both Companies Work 100% Perfect Together In The Way We Want To Work Them and Earn Great Incomes From Them. Once You Learn The Way I Work My Business Below and If You Want To Do The Exact Same Thing and Have Interest In The Second Company, Just E Mail Me and Let Me Know and I Will Get The Information Out To You. It's Two Companies That Can Be Worked Exactly In That Same Simple Way, With Better Than Great Results.

So Let's Get Started With My 3 Simple Steps. I Promise You, They Are So Simple That They Might Seem Foolish. But Know This, They Work and Why Do I Say That? IT BROUGHT YOU HERE, DIDN'T IT? - Just Know I Say That With a Smile.
A FEW EXPLANATIONS: I call my explanations the 3 Simple Steps, which are the, (1) A,B,C Facts of Simplicity, (2) 5 to 25 Plan and (3) My 30 Second Rule and this all comes down to the way I personally do business, or should I say, MY BUSINESS. I keep it so simple that anyone can do it. Simplicity is the key to success because most people get overwhelmed with everything that takes place. I never get caught up in the hype of a company website or products. My goal is a GOOD INCOME, WHILE CREATING A PATH TO EARN THAT GOOD INCOME, IN THE EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE AND TURN THAT GOOD INCOME IN TO A GREAT INCOME.

MY 3 SIMPLE STEPS -  IT'S JUST A COMMON SENSE WAY TO THINK... If people followed 3 Simple Steps when they join, they could earn a great income. Not only are these steps simple, but everyone should follow them.


Join the company IT'S ONLY $50.00 ONE TIME. Stay with it, and do what needs to be done. Give yourself enough of time for success. This is all common sense and simple.

Introduce this business to as many people as possible who would make a $50.00 One Time investment in themselves, and do exactly the same as you. If you do this and they do this, your business will GROW AUTOMATICALLY. THAT'S THE TRUTH. IF EVERYONE DID JUST THAT, SUCCESS IS YOUR'S.

Make sure all the people you introduce to this company, follow Fact # A and Fact # B. Now is that SIMPLE. The only thing Fact # C should mean to you is that, everyone should follow both Fact # A and Fact # B.  THAT'S IT - AS I SAID, IT MIGHT SOUND FOOLISH, BUT YOU NEED A STARTING POINT AND IF EVERYONE DID JUST THAT, YOU WILL HAVE SUCCESS. IT'S COMMON SENSE, JUST THINK ABOUT IT.

STEP # 2: MY 5 TO 25 PLAN:  There is a great chance that you might know 5 people or 10 people that you can get to join right now. Most people go out and get them in a short period of time because again, $50.00 One Time is not life changing. If everyone's goal was to get 10 people to take part in this business, your income would be great and your smile would be even greater and this can be done quickly.

Because I do not need a large number of people to succeed, it makes more sense for me to make flyers or cards to hand out. If your not a pain in the ass to these people, you have a much greater chance that they will take the information home and review it. By numbers alone, you will make your target number.

I will explain all this to you, in My 30 Second Rule explanation. Just so you know, there are people right now have gone out and brought in over 100 people to join this business and the reason for that is, they understand the end result or better said- THEIR POTENTIAL INCOME. And you will see all this for yourself in your Back Office where you can keep track of everything that takes place within your business.

In saying that, let me tell you that my 5 to 25 Plan is Simple and Common Sense and anyone can do it. I made a goal for myself to hand out at least 25 pieces of info per day, 5 days per week. That's it.  Some people set their goals higher, some lower. The most important thing isn't Your Goal Number per day, the real important thing is, you do it each day. You need to be Consistent about this.  As crazy as this sounds, your job would consist of walking around saying hi to people and giving them some information to take home. I love my job and so will you because I can go any where I want at any time I want and do this. Example: My wife and I went to a small little historic town in up state New York for the day. While there she went in to a few shops to look around. While she shopped, I walked down the street and said hi to a few folks and handed them a flyer. It's just that simple, so why make it difficult.

I believe in personal contact of some type and this is why I like my 30 Second Rule because at least I know that I gave something to someone and again, because I do not need a great number of people for this to work, my percentages are in my favor. So here is my 30 Second Rule.

I either have a card or a flyer and walk up to someone and say, Hi, my name is Doc Dalton and I am not here to bother you, but I would like to give you some information that you can review in the comfort of your own home without any pressure from anyone and that includes me. Once done, if you are interested in communicating more about this, my
e - mail is on the web page and please feel free to contact me. At that point I say thank you, and walk a way. It took me less then 30 seconds and I just made some type of personal contact with No Pressure in any way and leave them to decide on their next step. That is my goal, 25 simple hand outs per day and do each one in less than 30 Seconds.. Even if you get one person, you are on your way. If you can't walk up to someone and say hi and hand them something, you need to sit back and think your life over.

DON'T, DON'T, DON'T: Please don't stand there and talk about this, you might come off as annoying to someone who at that point may not check it out at all. You need to keep this simple, by doing so, you are teaching them to keep it simple as well and they will do the exact same thing with their people and so on. That's it on my
30 Second Rule.

If someone else sent you to this page to review it, please get back to them before joining because they are your sponsor. You can send your people here as well but please tell them to come back to you before joining because you are their sponsor. This notice will be kept on this page for everyone to read.


I will Give You The Tier Pay-outs One More Time.

TIER # 1 - $40.00     Tier # 2 - $200.00     Tier # 3 - $4,000     Tier #4 - $70,000     Tier #5 - $1,000.000

MATRIX:  This Matrix is simple to understand. It's a 3 by 5 Matrix meaning, you can't go any wider than 3 people on your first Tier - 9 people on your second tier - 27 people on your 3rd tier - 81 people on your 4th tier and 243 people on your 5th tier.

Within this Matrix if you added up the amount of people that it would take to fill all 5 Tiers, the end result would be,  363 people. That does not mean that you must get 363 people. This means the total effort of everyone connected to you in someway and here is an example. I say to everyone to try and get 10 people, but what would happen if everyone averaged out 5 people each. That would be 5 people on Tier # 1 - 25 People on Tier # 2 - 125 People on Tier # 3 - 625 People on Tier #4 and 3,125 People on Tier # 5 for a total of 3,905 people. Not only would that be great, but with the automatic up-grades, you would be going through those Tiers over and over again, earning over and over again. Now do you see why I say 10 people. It's not that you are persoanlly getting hundreds or thousands of people. It's everyone getting a few, in this specific example, it would be 5 people with the end result of almost 4,000 people. Inagine what 10 people each would do. Inagine how many times you would be paid over and over again.

ONE LAST IMPORTANT FACT:  When you go to below, you will see 3 Business links. They are all mine and I have 3 spots within the company. Please follow the instructions and do yourself a favor and have some Faith and Join. Once you do, get others to repeat what you have done. You will not be sorry.  E Mail me anytime, let's work together and become friends.

If you want to check out my personal site and learn more about me, the link is below on this page but PLEASE, KEEP THIS LINK - IT'S NOT POSTED ON MY WEBSITE.

Thank you for coming to this page and look forward to hearing from you.

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Blessings & Peace

Doc Dalton

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